How to store a hat is a challenge, especially in small storage and closet areas.

Fabrinique Hat Pillows solve many problems for hat storage, display and traveling.

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Storage, Display & Travel

The Hat Pillow keeps the rim of your hat sitting approximately 2 inches off the shelf in most cases.

Keeps your hats organized and maintains the shape of the crown of the hat on a shelf, in a hat box or hanging on a wall!

Protects your hat while storing in a hat box! No more tissue paper!

Pack your hat in a suitcase and to keep its shape to your destination.

The hat pillow always protects the crown of the hat!

Custom sizing available.

Fabric color choices are White, Cream, Gold, Charcoal, Navy, Black, Grey, Ice Grey & Ivory.

Luxurious Silky fabric, made from 100% sateen polyester, hypoallergenic angel hair stuffing.

Dimensions: Circumference = 6.5” x Height 6”

Fabrinique Hat Pillows are designed with you in mind, who appreciates the high degree of craftsmanship and timelessness in your pieces. We recognize the long-term value of your investment and designed a product that will help you protect those luxury accessories so you can enjoy them for years, even decades, to come.

The Fabrinique Promise – We hope you adore your Fabrinique Hat Pillow. If for any reason you’re not satisfied or there is a problem with your order, please reach out to us that so we can make it right for you!

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BLACK-506, CHARCOAL-504, CREAM-502, GOLD-503, GREY-507, ICE GREY – 508, IVORY-509, NAVY-505, WHITE-501


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