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Premium storage organizational garment covers for storing multiple garments in your closet. Each of our garment covers are fully lined and washable and will protect your clothing from dust and light!  The long covers have a beautifully designed easy opening for viewing and removing garments from the hanger without disturbing the cover. These garment covers come in 3 different lengths; 16”, 32” and 40” and 2 different widths; 22” and 26”.  Available in our 9 standard colors.
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IVORY-509, BLACK-506, CHARCOAL-504, CREAM-502, GOLD-503, GREY-507, ICE GREY-508, NAVY-505, WHITE-501


40" Zippered, 16" x 22", 16" x 26", 32" x 22", 32" x 26", 40" x 22", 40" x 26", 40" x 26" Zippered