Have you been dreaming of a boutique closet?

Handbag storage is generally not something you think about when you purchase a luxury bag! For me, it’s like “YIKES, did I really just spend that much for a purse?”

Let’s be honest, most of us are not in the rich and famous purse-buying category. Have you had a last minute cocktail party to attend? You reach into your closet for that clutch that has somehow made its way to the back of your closet. Next, you discover it has dust and creases that make it look more like a used old toaster than the Prada bag it used to be!!!

If you love your prized possessions like your Louis Vuitton Neverfull or that beautiful Birken bag, you need to keep it looking good for years to come. You don’t need a boutique closet, to keep those bags looking good! You do need high quality purse pillows and purse dusters for non-enclosed storage areas.

Fabrinique’s Luxury Closet Accessory line offers you just that. We just went thru a face-lift just in time for the purse addict in you!

We have a NEW line of fabrics on our website! Take a look at these gorgeous colors and the best part is that we can now offer unlimited quantities! Since we launched our purse pillows and purse pillow sets the requests for large orders have been overwhelming! We wanted to keep up with our customer’s requests and be able to match all of their purse pillows and purse dusters without worrying about running out of the fabric of their choice. Check out our new fabric colors that come in a luscious White, Cream, Gold, Charcoal and Navy.

Many of our customers ask us how to measure their handbags to determine the right pillow insert. This is why we love our starter sets! They are a great way to determine the perfect pillow size for each of your handbags and a starter set is a cost savings way to help you get started! They are also a terrific gift for the woman that has everything!   The sets are available in 4, 5, and 9 piece depending our your personal needs.

Figuring out how to measure a handbag for a pillow insert is easy to do once you understand how the measurements work! To get that information, check out our new videos that will take you through all the steps of creating the perfect fit for all your handbags!

We have 5 standard sizes in our purse pillows that fit the majority of purses. However, for the “not so standard size” handbags, totes and luggage we offer custom sizing. We don’t like the idea of putting more than one insert into each handbag. After all, having extra pillows hanging around your closet floor will create more clutter.

We are so excited to share these items with you. Click here and let us know how we can make your closet the closet of your dreams!